Our vision for the future

"It's not about the unrealistic goals of changing our lives immediately, it's about making small changes each day, each week, each month and each year as human beings which will have the greatest impact"

Our belief as a company isn't to green-wash our loyal customers or anyone who may wish to visit our website. We will never claim to be perfect because in an ever-changing world, there is always room for improvements. Especially with ever growing enhancements in technology and our knowledge as human beings, we learn to adapt and change in our environments and overcome issues we may face.

We believe in honesty and as a small start-up, not everything we do is perfect but "small changes each day, each week, each month and each year, will create the greatest impact". And that's what we plan to do.

What we plan for the future

  • To have all of our sustainable resources grown and made in the country we are providing for.

  • To work with manufacturers to use less water in the process of making our products.

  • To discover ways of getting our products to our customers without wasting packaging.

  • To get our products from A to B without causing any damage to the environment.

  • To educate our customers and future generations on the importance of helping the environment and what we can do to solve these issues.

  • To figure out what we can do with old products when they have come to the end of their lives whether that's recycling, upcycling, or making all products fully decomposable.

  • To keep giving back to our environment.